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Why struggle with written board preparation?

Introduction: Better Preparation for Your Qualifying or ABSITE Exam

The key to optimizing your exam performance is to learn written exam preparation the same way you learn surgery. Dr. Argy takes the model for learning clinical surgery and applies it to board preparation: an experienced and dedicated instructor teaches individuals or very small groups intensively using proven hands-on learning principles.

You want to use your time and effort productively. If you're going to take a course, you want one that is efficient and effective, so you make sure that your hard work, time and tuition have maximum yield.

Optimized preparation improves exam performance. The techniques that Dr. Argy uses to teach general surgery written exam preparation are intuitive and model approaches you've already been doing for years in clinical surgery. You benefit from enhanced acquisition of content and the ability to manipulate that content under exam conditions.

Odyssey Works Better: Here's Why

Experienced, Consistent Teaching

From whom do you want to learn to do a sophisticated surgical procedure ... the attending who has done 2,000 cases, or the one who has done only two? When you learn clinical surgery, more experienced surgical instructor has a greater foundation for teaching compared to one with less experience. The same holds true for board prep. You benefit from Dr. Argy's 23+ years of experience teaching board preparation to almost 5,000 of your surgical colleagues. Only Dr. Argy teaches his courses, so you get a consistently high level of instructor performance.

Individual Attention

You work with Dr. Argy either individually, or in a group of up to 5 colleagues. You learn one-on-one with an experienced instructor, just like learning in the operating room. You won't get lost in a large audience.

Teaching Geared
to the Written Exam

Dr. Argy has always focused written preparation exclusively for the written exam. In other courses, lecturers typically pull some standard Grand Rounds talks off the shelf.

Really Understand
Exam Material

There is no need to just try to memorize factoids and guess what might be on the exam. With Dr. Argy's approach, you learn how to select key concepts on a topic and how they can be used in the exam. You will discover what content can, and cannot, become an exam question, and how the question can, and cannot, be asked.

Intensive Format

Classes are typically one intensive day with an efficient, effective approach. You don't get fatigued sitting in a hotel ballroom for days at a time listening to canned lectures of variable value.

Less Time, Lower Cost

With Odyssey, you can choose from completely personalized preparation, one-on-one, or learning with up to 5 colleagues. The more participants, the lower the cost per person. In addition, because it's a one day intensive course, you save up to $1,500 on hotel and meals, and you don't lose potential income being away from work for a week.

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